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Tinwood provides consultancy services based around Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS). Typical F/OSS packages are the GNU/Linux operating system, the Apache web server, the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser and the OpenOffice office suite (writer, spreadsheet, presentation package).

Tinwood offers the following main areas of services:

1. IT systems consultancy

Tinwood specialises in Free and Open Source software. Consultancy services are available for assessing the implementation of software systems within an organisation and to provide advice on the benefits that would be achieved.

Free and Open Source software offer an efficient, safe, secure and cost effective alternative to proprietary packages and many organisations around the world are benefiting from implementing free software solutions. Note that the 'free' is as in 'libre' or freedom, not just in price. This is of critical importance to ensure that your critical business/organisational data is not held hostage by proprietary software companies.

2. IT project implementation

Tinwood offers project management and software development services to enable organisations to implement tailored solutions within their IT systems. By harnessing the software within standard free and open source software packages, customised solutions can be built for organisations. Organisations can choose between standard software and customised versions. In fact, many free/open source applications are designed to be customised to better fit each customer's unique requirements.

Tinwood also offers project management to smooth the introduction of any new IT system into an organisation. This includes business case construction, project analysis and planning, project implementation and post-project evaluation.

How this site was built

This site is built using Perl and is written using a package called QuickText. This allows the site to be quickly written and is customisable as required.

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